You can design and develop your WordPress website within InstantWP on your own local machine, PC or Mac. Once you have completed the design, you can deploy it to a live web server.

An existing WordPress website can also be migrated into InstantWP for testing, development and training offline. Once completed, the website can then be migrated back to the web server if necessary.


  • As InstantWP contains a Linux Virtual Machine at it’s heart, many of the freely available WordPress migration plugins will work with InstantWP.
  • Alternatively you can use the existing WordPress import and export functionality to move your website.
  • You can also manually migrate your site by importing and exporting the database as SQL using PHPMyAdmin and then moving the wp-content folder via SFTP.  There is a comprehensive guide on
  • We also provide an excellent deployment ebook and video course for InstantWP which may save you some time and hassle 🙂