There are few ways to get support for InstantWP…


For troubleshooting and further technical tips please see the InstantWP FAQ:


There are some more technical resources in the InstantWP Wiki at GitHub:

There is a section in the Wiki on troubleshooting InstantWP:


We welcome email enquiries about InstantWP and we endeavour to answer all emails as promptly as possible. However,  please take a look at the User Guide, FAQ and Wiki before emailing as it is most likely your question has been answered there.

We receive a lot of email about InstantWP, so we may refer you straight back to the FAQ anyway if your question is answered there 🙂

Email us: support (at)

Bugs, Issues and More Technical Feedback

We do have a list of existing issues for InstantWP on Github. Please feel free to add any new issues or suggestions here that you feel might be useful.

All issues are addressed as quickly as we can, but again everything takes time, so bear with us. You can always email us with any polite suggestions too. We like to hear from our users.